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Team Solutions

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Culture drives a Healthy Team!   How is your companies culture?


Do you want a team that works together to solve problems and accomplish tasks:

Spend a half day improving exploring and improving key fundementals; trust, conflict, commitment, accountablity and results.  This session will deliver a high impact learning experience rooted in fun.

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Team Solutions is your partner to help you do what you can’t won’t or don’t:

Assistance with hiring, terminations, exit interviews.

Team Solutions Exclusive Training designed to your company needs.

An individual training program designed around your needs.  Through an organizational checkup we can work together to identify the areas within your business and then develop a customized training program to meet your needs.

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Meet Shelley:

I have over 30 years’ experience working with teams, my entire life has been building teams that get results. Team work focused on strategic strategies to increase NOI, provide healthy work environments and motivate staff for increased accountability. I like to get to know your business, your goals, who and what your company presents and then work with you to determine what your team needs.  I bring a level of enthusiasm and comfort that help teams with the unknowns so we can get to work.

Results Guaranteed:

Better traction on your business.   Simple solutions, with real results, designed around your business in a time frame that works for you and your team.


Next Steps…

Contact me at 734.735.1094 for a free consultation to discuss how TEAM Solutions can help you.